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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, November 6, 2015

Some New Thoughts...

Just some thoughts that came to me the other day...

Since God/Jesus knows everything, then did He know that Judas was stealing from the treasure/ did He know before He called him that Judas would betray him? ... Just let that sink in...

What an amazing gracious God we serve! He knew that Judas was going to betray him and steal the money and yet He poured his life out literally for him. Jesus did it to give Judas a choice to choose Him. He invested 3 years of his life with constant influence and contact with His betrayer.

How many of us would invest ourselves and spend the majority if not all of your waking hours with someone who you know will sell you out to the very people who want you dead for a measly 30 pieces of silver? That's roughly 600.00 in today's money.

We as God's children and as Christ followers have so much growing to do. It still broke God's heart and it can still break your heart but never give up on someone you love and care for.

How many times are we like Judas though? How many times do we like Judas sell Jesus out for something measly? It can be selling him out for more tv time, more time with friends, more time at work, more time to sleep. How easy is it for us to push off our quiet time or to quiet the Holy Spirit telling us to do something that is out of our comfort zone. I know I am guilty of it. We are no better than Judas if we continually do this and never change. I am not saying that there are sometimes it happens and sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless our priority should always be Jesus and His mission and passion for the lost and hurting. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 31 A Weird Quirk About Me!

Day 31 already, the past month has gone by so fast and I actually have killed two birds with one stone. I got my blog rolling again and I have blogged at least 10 days a month with this. I got 21 in February and 10 in March. I might do another 31 day challenge or I might just take some ideas from a challenge. I really have enjoyed this. So for the final day, a weird quirk about me.

My family definitely has some weird quirks. Things like my grandma and my uncle can't talk on the phone without their glasses. If the phone rings in the middle of the night they have to find their glasses first. My weird quirk is that if someone asks me to smell something or I am trying to smell something. I have to have complete silence. I mean like no noise at all. If there is noise in the background I can't smell. I know, I know it's weird. I think it's because any noise would distract me and if you ask me to smell something I want to concentrate on it and I want to be able to smell it all. Sometimes though this backfires on me like especially if the smell stinks LOL! I know it's a crazy weird quirk but it's true.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 30 Favorite Comfort Food

My Favorite Comfort Food is homemade macaroni cheese. I think thats probably tops the chain of comfort foods. No matter what you make to go with it, macaroni and cheese. If you add bbq sauce or ketchup it brings it to a whole new level. My favorite homemade mac and cheese is my granny's. She makes the most awesome macaroni and cheese. Its cheesy like if it's made with velveeta cheese but it's not. I know the cheese is the cheese she buys here in Iowa and while there are the types of the cheese available. She uses american cheese but I haven't seen the brand anywhere outside of Iowa. It makes it cheesy and gooey. Nothing seems to make things better (other than a good cry mentioned a couple days ago) a good hot bowl of homemade mac and cheese.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 29 Top of my Bucket Lists

The top of my bucket list this is exciting because it's dreams that I hope one day will happen. The very one top thing would be a trip to Ireland, most specifically the Isle of Man, that's where my family came from on my dad's side of the family. That would be so amazing. The next thing on my bucket list would to be travel across the country. My bucket list is short not that there aren't many dreams but I am listing all of what I think is realistically going to happen. I tend to dream realistically I guess because there are crazy dreams I have; dreams that I am afraid to even speak words to; for fear that they may not come true. Crazy dreams that would top my bucket list and blow some other peoples bucket list. I am excited though to see if the crazy unspeakable things to top my ucket list come true.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 28 Last time I cried

Last time I cried was watching my friend Angela's wedding. They were happy tears. I am so happy for her and her husband. I love seeing people fall in love and find the one they are going to spend the rest of their life with. Her and her husband are a truly sweet and amazing couple. She was a beautiful bride and he is a devoted friend and husband. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 27 What makes me feel better, always

I am typical girl I guess with this, because I think that for most of the time nothing makes me feel better than a good cry. I know it doesn't "fix" any problems but sometimes it does the best thing I can do or the only thing I can do. I know know crying doesn't solve any problems but sometimes its all you can do. I even have put on a sappy movie if I need to feel better. I know it's crazy, however it works.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 25 My Best Physical Feature.

I would say my best physical feature is my eyes. I love my eyes especially when I am wearing makeup. I have learned that purple eyeshadow or even brown/goldish eye shadow.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 24 A difficult Time in my life.

Everyone encounters difficult times in their life and depending on their past experience something that isn't a difficult time for you but would be world changing for someone else. I think a life changing difficult time in my life was when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 8 years later. I was 9 years old when she was diagnosed and 17 when she passed away. It was a long hard period of time there. I remember thinking so many times that I wondered if I would make it through. I believe that God healed my mom by taking her home to heaven. There are so many days when I miss my mom and wish she was just a phone call away. I still remember her cell phone number. So many times since I was 9 I wish my mom could have been a "normal" mom. That she didn't have to be so sick and that her cancer could be gone. So many times since I was 17 and she was gone I wish I could have called her or seen her. I missed her on my graduation and wedding day and the time during when I was moving to help with packing and going through pictures and family memories. While time has definitely healed the biggest parts of missing her there are still moments when I miss her incredibly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 23 Pet Peeves

I guess these could be some of my worst habits as well. My number one pet peeve is the way people eat. I can't take it if it makes any noise. It's not just people it's myself as well. I hate the noise I make eating chips or anything crunchy. I try so hard to eat so quietly because it just drives me like irrationally insane. I know it's crazy and I usually don't say much because I know most people don't even know they are doing anything and they aren't that noisy in the first place. I actually did some research and there is a technical name for it; it's called misophonia. I couldn't believe it when I found that out. Maybe thats why I eat so fast and get done so I can get up and not listen.

My other pet peeve is if people offer to help me I like things done the same way I would do it otherwise I will do it all over again. I think this might be more a character flaw of not letting go when needing help. Oh well! I guess it's another thing I need to work on.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 21 Something I miss

I could list a thousand things and people I miss to narrow this down took some serious thinking, but I have decided to write about one thing I think I miss the most.

I miss when life was simple. As a kid life was so simple you got up and and went to school and came home and did chores and it was simple. Relationships were simple. The worst thing that could happen in a relationship as a kid was someone didn't played with someone else or your favorite toy would break. (I know realistically that a lot of kids there is a lot of things that can happen that are a lot worse) Life was so simple when we keep relationships simple. As we grow up relationships become complicated. Stress of life makes emotions to run high and people to over react. Several years ago family was all that mattered and families and friends worked everything out and stayed connected forever. Now a days it's not. People get so upset about petty things and get then things get complicated. There are so many things that pull you so many different directions as an adult that you don't have to worry so much about before you graduate high school. I look back and my biggest concern was passing my high school classes. As an adult there are bills to pay cars and homes to maintain. You get pulled in so many directions and life goes by so fast that if we don't take the time to simplify our life it we will wake up one day at the end of our life stressed out and exhausted.

Let's take our time now to simplify our lives. I think not only will you and your immediate family appreciate but everyone you come into contact with will be too.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 20 Where I want to be in 10 years

In 10 years I will be almost 40...Whoa lets just think about that for a minute. I can't believe that that makes me even a little more scared of turning 30 next year and thats turning 40 I mean I can't even wrap my mind around that it wasn't that long ago that I thought 30 was a long way off. So back to the topic at hand Where do I want to be in 10 years. I would love to be homeschooling our kids hopefully we will have 2 kids then. Our house should be paid off in that time. Maybe just maybe in 10 years we could look at still building a house, not sure how that will work. We love our house and Jeremy is adamant that he is never moving again until he's dead ha! I however would still love to build a house just for us (don't think it will happen though). I would love to have the ministry into it's own office building and reclaim our 5th bedroom in our house as a kids bedroom or guest bedroom or a joint office for Jeremy and I. I would love to maybe open an etsy shop in that time because I would love to say that I have had time to create and make. Another thing I would love to see happen is that the Jeremy and I can also travel speaking to churches and encouraging them. I would also love to start being able to ministering to wives who have a husband with "handicaps". It's been on my heart. 

It's a little hard to say where I want to be in 10 years because 10 years ago I was a young 19 year old girl. The only thing that is the same from 10 years ago is I live in Iowa. I never would have imagined 10 years ago moving back to Florida and get married and never thought I would be back in Iowa. To top that never thought I would have bought a house in Iowa either ever. 

I definitely believe in making plans and always having a goal, but I have always have learned that when you leave your life in God's hands nothing is predictable and it's the best adventure in life you can ever imagine. So while I have my ideas of where I want to be in 10 years God's plans and ideas are always better and always more fun!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 19 My worst Habits

Oh ouch! My worst habits this is kinda an ouchy blog because nobody wants to point out their flaws or worst anything. I really bad habit and the worst one I have is that I can't say no very easily. It's great for other people because it gets them help. However for Jeremy and I it's bad because I get overcommitted and then I stress out a lot towards Jeremy. I am working on it more now that we have moved and it definitely has made us happier saying no more and more. Saying no doesn't come easy because I like helping people and like putting people before myself and I have learned you can't take care of people or help people if you aren't taking care of yourself and helping yourself. I also learned that everything you say yes to you are saying no to something or someone else. I have decided that I want to say yes more to my husband and no to the unnecessary things. So hopefully this wont be my worst habit for much longer!!!!1

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 18 What am I afraid of?

This is a loaded question we all have fears. I have some normal fears like spiders; it is a lot better than it was when I was little now its more like I don't care for them not so much a huge fear other than brown recluse spiders. For a long time I have had a crazy fear of taking long car trips with just Jeremy and I. We had a van that was horrible it was always breaking down and we couldn't depend on it at all. We actually got stranded in a little town in Missouri for a week and no one could ever figure out was wrong with our van and it made me so nervous because when it would die it would just die with no warning. We could have been going down the interstate and it was such a safety issue for us. So I had a horrible fear after that. It has taken a long time close to 3 years to get over most of it but i am still hesitate to jump in the car and drive on a trip. I think another fear I have now that we live up north is getting in a bad accident in the winter time. I just don't do a lot of winter driving. I was in a bad accident when I was about 4 or 5 where we hit a patch of black ice. I am thankful though that a lot of my winter driving has just been around town and not any long stretched on the highway especially when its been snowing and icy. I guess thats the major ones. I try hard to not focus on them because they can control your life and I do not want fear to control my life, because the Bible says that God does not give us a spirit of fear.